Friday, April 12, 2013

E.R. visit part 2

...Yeah, but I didn't make it to the E.R.

I woke up this morning feeling yet again like I was having a baby out the side of my abdomen or as the doctor referred to it today..."my right flank". Right Flank??? What, am I a horse?

Anyway, so I felt like I was going to meet my maker yet again for the second time in two days. This lasted for about three hours, but I decided this time to wait for my girlfriend to show up to take me to the E.R.  I thought this might be prudent in case they discharged me again, so I wouldn't be stuck sitting in the waiting room high on Morphine with nothing to do but watch Nemo and Dorie in the fish tank until someone could come and get me.

By the time she was able to get off work the pain wasn't off the Richter scale like it had been earlier. As a result I decided to try save a small fortune and see the doctor this time since the E.R. is quite pricey these days and they were oh sooooo helpful yesterday. It was time for a second opinion.

So...More blood work, more peeing in a cup, and an Ultrasound to come on Monday...what, am I pregnant? That would at least explain the PAIN, and the feelings of giving birth out of "my right flank"...but...since I'm a guy...

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