Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just when I'd had enough

So today has been one of those days with Leah that Carrie and I just absolutely don't know how we're going to make it until bedtime. The hitting, the screaming, nonstop tantrums...she's tired, she's cranky, and she doesn't have the vocab. to express her needs, wants, and feelings.

It's dinnertime. Hannah, Leah and I are at the table. Carrie is on the couch trying to regroup. and I'm completely worn out in my position as centurion/body guard of Hannah etc. I'm feeling guilty because my patience for Leahs' out of control autism issues is pretty much gone. Just when I think I've absolutely reached my limit...

Hannah: Outside, outside!

Me: Hannah, you just love to go outside!

Me: Leah, what do you love?

Leah: (to me) I just love to hold you.

my heart absolutely melts and every negative feelings vanished. I've witnessed a little miracle, because Leah rarely (if ever) expresses independent thought; especially one so specific and so specifically personal. God's tender mercies never cease to me nor cease to amaze me, because he spoke to me through a child in a way that I needed most, exactly from the one child I needed it from the most.


Mark said...


I'm always amazed and impressed at your perspective and faith.

Brian said...


you just haven't seen me in action lately up close and personal. I love the complement but I'm not quite sure I deserving/worthy of it.

Regardless of such, thank you and congrats on being hours/days away from fatherhood. At the risk of being extremely cleche, good things come to those who wait; and I believe that you both are quite deserving (despite if you agree or not)of many, many good things.