Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not MIA but missed just the same

I miss my girls.

Carrie is staying in Baltimore for some desperately needed and long overdue R&R with her younger brother Jacob and his wife Karina. (Day family: thank you for your patience with the explanations; I'm not sure that everyone who reads my blog is adept in all the Day family relations/connections of who's who, as those who have known them all their lives.)

So, Carrie, with a little help from Jacob and Karina as a partner in crime for gallivanting around DC, NYC, etc. etc. and taking in the sights and doing the touristy thing.

My in laws (Larri-Lea and Randy Day for which this trip for Carrie wouldn't happen as I'm needing to work) are being the saints that they are, are kindly handling the dynamic duo of Leah and Hannah while I'm batchin' it up here in the furthest extremities of Utah also known as Logan/Cache Valley.

I've been at work full time every day they've been gone, and will be until wednesday night. They'll all be coming back thursday or Friday, I believe, a' depende.

I wish Carrie the absolute time of her life on her week in the East Cost. If anyone diserved a vacation, it had to be her. Likewise, I hope that Leah and Hannah enjoy the experience with the grandparents to the fullest.

That being said and truly meant, I ache for my wife and daughters and can't wait to see them again and for them to come home.Carrie, Hannah, and Leah, I love you all.


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