Friday, February 27, 2009

Big but bad news...

I'm excited to have my first official follower to my blog; my old friend Mark Noakes. Thanks Mark!!!

However, I will now break my blogging silence with some less than stellar news. I was hoping to blog next about something happy. Usually blogging posts seem to go best with pictures. Under the circumstances, I hope you'll be ok with a picture-less post...

I have been anxiously waiting my L-SAT score. (that's the test to get into Law School if you weren't all over that acronym.) I missed my opportunity to take the L-SAT last June, deferred on receiving my score in October since I felt I didn't do my best, and now on my third L-SAT opportunity I scored low enough to pretty much close the door on this chapter of my life in trying to find my life's work through the Law. 

Needless to say, I'm extremely upset and trying not to let it overtake me. However and despite that, I still have a spectacular wife and two darling little girls who love and depend on me. I also have a job at a residential treatment center for troubled teens that while meaningful in its work is still meager in its pay. However, until I figure out the next step, my wife, my family and my job are still very important so the immediate next step is to pull my head out of my...behind. 

Thanks for reading. I know especially for family on both sides that this isn't exactly pleasant or welcome news. I hope you'll forgive my method of delivery to inform you of this. I'm a little too disappointed in myself right now to hear the disappointment and/or awkward pause in anyone's voice on the phone or what have you when no one knows what to say about something like this.

I appreciate all of your support for me and my family and your patience with me over the years and now while I try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. May the growing up happen very soon because the delay and growing pains have been just that...painful. 




Larri-Lea said...

This should come through a phone call from me, Brian, and it probably will, but since you prefer the blog posts, I will reply that way for now. You are an intelligent, kind human being and there is a plan for you, don't you worry. We love you and have faith that this will all work out. I am so sorry for the disappointment in the LSAT experience. If I could take some of that pain away, I sure would, but then you wouldn't have the growth experience; I would. Let us know how we can help.

Mark said...

Sorry to hear about the news but if there is anyone who can make lemonade out of lemons it's you.

Brian said...

Thanks Mom Day and thanks Mark. Please forgive the anti-social posture for the moment. I'm already overloaded talking about it at work, at church, on line, by phone, etc. I only say this so you and everyone else knows who reads this is that it's not you, it's simply my own needing some time because I'm still having a hard time with this. I'll be ok. I just need a bit.