Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Light readin' at the Dinner Table

Carrie and I often seem to be looking for the bright spots when our days are hard. Today, while Carrie was gone teaching piano for a bit and I was trying to get dinner on the table...(yeah, I know. You don't believe I actually made dinner...)and trying to do so without burning down our not so rockin' redneck trailer trash abode up here at Utah State/Logan, UT (and yes, it really is a trailer if ya didn't know...)and to complete the tidal wave of a run-on sentence, I was engaged in doing so while Leah was outright refusing to eat pizza, of all things; one of her favorite meals. So yeah, while I was trying to keep the girls from killing each other and putting me over the edge as well, Leah decided to read one of her and Hannah's favorite books, Corduroy.

Well, Hannah who was eating dinner while Leah was reading, started to feel a little slighted when Leah brought the book to the office chair that rolls, (always a kid favorite) at the kitchen table. So there she was, reading, flaunting one of Hannah's favorite books in front of her at the dinner table while shunning dinner itself and doing her own thing. So this made Hannah go nuts, and they fought over the book.

Amazingly, Leah problem solved the situation and brought Hannah another extra copy of Corduroy to make peace. So there they were, both reading at the table, Hannah taking in her reading while takin' in her pizza while dipping it in ranch. I'm more proud of the reading habit rubbing off than the ranch dipping being passed down.


Carrie said...

I'm so proud of you for posting pictures of the girls! You deserve a gold star today. So do I.

backandthen said...

Your blog is cute but all the blue makes it hard to read when you just wake up in the morning...or I really need to make this doctor appointment that I have been telling myself to do for the past 4 years. You need to know that it also takes 6 months to get an appointment. So basically by the time I eventually get to the doctor's office I may be totally blind and your blog having been the last thing I have seen in my life.
Yes. I know. I spend way too much time on the internet.
Have you seen Gina Morgan on fessebouc? She is in my friends if you want to look for her.
And "fessebouc" is because the way french pronounce "facebook" sounds like fess (butt) and bouc (goat).

Brian said...

Sorry Gwen (that's how Americannes(sp?) say Gwennaƫlle just in case you forgot. Je suis un Americanne. I am what I am, much to my dead Francais grand-mere's disgust. (That I'm American and not Franais that is...)

Anyway, sorry about the hard to read text. I liked the background, so I suffered with the best color I could find to make it readable and not ugly.

I did figure out your "Fessebouc" all on my own but not the butt-goat part. That was funny.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's nice to know that someone reads it and that Carrie my wife isn't my only avid reader.

Larri-Lea said...

Now that we're back home, I decided to catch up on blog-reading. Love yours and Carrie's musings and journalings. The background on your blog is beautiful, and as backandthen says, it is a bit difficult to read in places, but still perfect for this time of year. Love Hannah's picture - such an independent little personality, isn't she. Leah's resourcefulness was very comendable, too! Hope all is well, Big B. We think of you often.