Friday, December 26, 2008

The laziest blog post about Christmas you'll ever see.

Ok, so I'm too worn out from the holiday to blog my own post about Christmas day, so I decided to plagiarize Carrie. I of course read it first, and like almost everything she says and does, I agree whole heatedly in it as if it were my own; only it's better.

-the walrus.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas stuff

***WARNING*** The following post is picture-heavy and could be slightly boring....

This year was a bit of a milestone for us because we weren't with our parents, either set, so we had to grow up and make a good holiday for our kids all by our lonesomes. It was great! Definitely a keeper. This was also the first year that Leah cared about it, so we were really expected to produce.

So, Christmas started out like most others-kids want to open presents, parents are too tired to care. I figured I needed to throw in a few obligatory pictures of present opening:

Leah is posing with her biggest wish-a purple bathrobe. She's been saying this for weeks "I want a purple coat so I can be just like my Grandma." She's talking about my mom's blue bathrobe.
The next photo needs no explanation, except that Brian got me some cool stuff. I'm not ging to make a list of gifts recieved because that would make this post even more boring and tacky.

I'd like to mention now that our girls are very easily bored and really relish getting out of the house. That makes for interesting times when you are stuck in a blasted trailer on Christmas Day for hours on end. We'd planned on doing some sledding, which Brian isn't a big fan of and Hannah couldn't care less about. She just wanted to climb the stairs.

Leah and myself, on the otherhand, think sledding is great fun. Being the expert snow person that I am (ahem, ahem) I thought I'd show Leah how it's done. I spent most of the time on my back, sliding down backwards with the sled going in a different direction. One time Leah landed on top of me and we slid down that way. She probably thought I meant to do that.

We also planned an awesome dinner-spaghetti on paper plates. Can you say white trash?

A birthday cake for Jesus with three candles.

Of course no Christmas is complete without a head shaving, right? Brian thought his hair was too long and since we're a little short on cash these he's a skinhead. It took a bit to get used to, but I like it. He's even wrapped up with the quilt I made him.

Whew! Was that enough for one day? The last few hours were a little rough with cranky, overwhelmed kids, but overall we really enjoyed the past couple days. Now it's over and we're unsure of how to make time pass this next week with Leah being out of nerves are getting a little raw...


Brian said...

If you want to comment about this post you can, even though I didn't write it.

You could just share your thoughts about what you thought about our Christmas, or your Christmas or holidays.

Or, you can just comment about my bald head. You choose.

Brian said...

O.k,...guess not.

backandthen said...

Good thing you did not try to put on the cake the actual amount of candles it would take for "baby" Jesus.
Don't ever shave your head again this way. Do you hear/read me? Never.