Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Countdown video : Bush talking points highlight failures

Countdown video : Bush talking points highlight failures

I've been lagging on making posts because I wanted to pimp my blog a bit before I started kicking butt and taking names. Since I've been too busy, I haven't made much progress in that arena.

However, when I come upon segments like these, it's a bit too hard to pass up. If you're one of the few surviving "W" supporters or if you've had all the Bush you can stand, you may want to pass on this one. But, if you'd like just another reason to be grateful that it won't be long before his days are numbered in single digits, check this out.

I'll do my best next time to lighten up by making my post about something that has nothing to do with movies, politics, or religion so you all can know that I'm capable of talking about something else, and hopefully therefore not turn you all off to my blog, just in case anyone is still actually reading it.


Carrie said...

Keith Olberman is so cool-I think I like his show because he doesn't hold back anything, like someone else I know (myself).

Brian said...

Too true, too true. (about both of you, I mean.)