Friday, June 13, 2008

Lets get this Party Started

Maybe it's that I haven't been able to get in and fix/add to my old blog ( since 2006 and I think it's time to move on. Maybe it's that my wife is making me look bad by her awesome yet unposted blog. (can she make me look bad if she isn't sharing it with anyone at this point?) Maybe it's that in some ways I'm too self-centered to not be talking about myself or my life on a blog...

Or maybe it's none of these at all!!!

I don't know, and actually, I don't care.

"I am the Walrus" a line allegedly spoken by John Lennon at some point. I stole the quote off of "Farris Behuler's (sp?) Day off!" If you're unfamiliar it's in the beginning of the movie in the shower scene/monologue (don't worry, it's clean).

Anyway, why did I choose "I am the Walrus"??? Well, I've always liked that line /part of the movie and, well, it was honestly the first thing that came to mind as a title to this blog.

Speaking of first things that come to mind...I've been looking/trying to think of a way to clear the air on this (even though probably no one cares about this but me) for a while now but could never find quite the right forum for this topic.

Anyway, here it goes: my e-mail address: Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a big part of who I am. (LDS) Also, my father and his mother's family is Jewish which also makes up a large part of who I am. My grandmother and Great Aunt were Holocaust survivors. They lost their parents, a sister and a brother if memory serves; it isn't talked about much. However, my grandfather (my dad's father) isn't Jewish, nor is my mother. So, I'm not a "pureblood" as the would say in Harry Potter.

When Jesus walked the earth during his earthly ministry, (John 4) he encountered a woman who was Samaritan. They were decedents of Jacob from whom the Israelites were also descended from. Yet the Jews would have nothing to do with them.

This of course isn't a perfect comparison, but since I'm not a full blooded Jew by lineage, someone (a former LDS missionary friend named Elder Earl Cristensen) pointed out that my lineage makes me like a Samaritan. So, I'm LDS and my father's family but not his fathers' nor my mothers, is Jewish. So that sort of makes me like a Samaritan. (redundant) Hence: Get it?

Why the big old long explanation? Carrie, my wife thought I was insecure about it because my dad gave me a bad time about it. While that wasn't a highlight, it actually came from Carrie. When I told her what it was when I first coined the e-mail address, she told me, "everyone's going to think that you're saying that you're the "Good Samaritan"

Hopefully, all who reads this knows now that this was NOT what I was trying to say. I do not think of myself in such conceited, arrogant terms. I've had a hard time not changing my e-mail address altogether because I was afraid that everyone who receives an e-mail from me would be thinking just that.

And yes, I know I'm paranoid and that I care too much about what others think or might be thinking of me.

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